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The Aerobics Project


The deliciously upbeat Aerobics Project brings together a delightful concoction of disco music, female empowerment… and spies! The feel-good series swoops us back to the early ’80s, when the French aeronautics industry was just getting off the ground. A buff American Jane-Fonda type (who’s actually named Jane) moves into a sleepy Toulouse suburb and turns the community upside down by introducing a handful of local women to aerobics. First and foremost among them is her clever next-door neighbor, Karine, the frustrated wife of a local aeronautics engineer. Jane’s aerobics class is soon the talk of the town, changing attitudes and knitting together a sense of mutual support and female bonding. There may be more to the beguiling American than originally meets the eye… but the lives of all these women will never be the same again.

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First Air Date : Sep 08, 2022

Last Air Date : Oct 06, 2022

Runtime : 26 min.

Genre : Comedy, War & Politics

Stars : Claire Dumas, Alexia Barlier, Sophie Cattani, Apollonia Luisetti, Souad Arsane, Jérôme Pouly

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